6 Books for Filling Easter Baskets #Giveaway

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Easter is in just a few days and that means the Easter Bunny will be hopping through our homes hiding treats and filling Easter baskets with goodies for all the little boys and girls.

Who says those goodies have to be sugary sweets?! In our house E.B usually fills the baskets with only their favourite treats; sour cream & onion chips, Kinder Eggs, fruit rollups…but mostly some small toys and books.

Raincoast Books has some great titles to celebrate with before Easter and titles perfect for filling Easter baskets with – they’re fun to read and the kids will be thrilled to find them in their baskets.

Flora and the Chicks by Molly Idle

This new series of board books is perfect for the very youngest Flora fans. When a nest of eggs begins to hatch, how will Flora ever keep up with so many chicks? Featuring fold-out pages and Molly Idle’s graceful artwork, this adorable counting book will delight young children as they master new words and concepts.

This book is perfect for those little ones just learning to count!

Color Blocked by Ashley Sorenson & Illustrated by David W Miles

The color is blocked! Readers must rub, turn, and tap the pages to straighten out pipes, unplug corks, and keep the color flowing. But watch out – the color might run faster than you can keep up! Along the way, readers will learn primary colors, how mixing colors can make secondary colors, and why you should never, ever, put too much trust in a narrator…

We had SO much fun with this book and Colton learned how to make is favourite colour GREEN the next time he runs out!

Bloom by Deborah Diesen & Illustrated by Mary Lundquist

In this lushly illustrated story from Deborah Diesen that celebrates life and growing up, a mother and daughter plant a garden to see how something small blooms into something as beautiful and strong as their love.

I love how this book shows us how strong and special the bond between a mother and a child really is and now I can’t wait to start a garden with my boys.

Shiny Shapes: Easter Surprise by Roger Priddy

Join the Easter Bunny on a magical journey as he delivers Easter eggs to the baby animals – from the lambs in the meadow to the baby birds in the nest.  There are egg-shaped holes on every page, edged with shimmery, shiny colored foil, leading to the end of the story – and a very special surprise for Bunny himself!

In this book the Easter Bunny goes above and beyond (literally) to make sure all his friends have a special treat. It teaches that generosity and kindness goes a long way – a valuable lesson EVERYONE can learn from!

The Littlest Bunny in Canada by Lily Jacobs & Illustrated by Robert Dunn

It’s Easter morning, and the littlest bunny has a big secret: he’s actually the Easter Bunny! He has a lot of work to do! Join him as he hides eggs high and low, with a final stop at your house!

A wonderful adventurous tale about a bunny who travels all of Canada in one night to bring treats to little boys and girls. We loved that Winnipeg was included!

How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace & Illustrated by Andy Elkerton

Is this the year you’ll be able to catch the Easter bunny in action? Start an Easter tradition with this fun and funny children’s book, from the New York Times bestselling creators of How to Catch a Leprechaun!

This has got to be my favourite one of the bunch – the weird and wacky things some people would do to catch the E.B is HILARIOUS!

Enter to win…ONE winner will receive their very own copy of HOW TO CATCH THE EASTER BUNNY – Winner must reside in CANADA & be 18+ to enter. Giveaway ends 04/21.

How would you catch the Easter Bunny?


DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Raincoast Books for providing the titles mentioned above for us to review, they truly came at a time we needed them most.



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    I would lure him with a trail of carrots into the Dog cage!

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    I’d use carrots for bait of course! I’d lure him into a box and drop the lid on him.

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    I’ve tried and it’s definitely a difficult task to accomplish. I’ve tried luring him with carrots, catching him with a net but all to no avail. He’s got a 3rd sense for danger and is way to quick for me to catch him I fear. This year I’m going to put out some banana pieces for him, maybe he’s not the carroty sort of bunny.

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    I would you catch the Easter Bunny putting food in a cat trap which locks when he enters.

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    I think I would catch the Easter bunny by leaving a trail of yummy carrots into the house and shut the door once the bunny stepped inside.

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    I would bait the Easter Bunny with chocolate eggs and be waiting with a net at the end of the trail.

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    I would get a pretty basket full of carrots and lettuce and put in in my garden for him. Then I would offer him more if he comes to visit us.

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    a trail of veggies would do the trick!

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    Well I think that I’d catch the Easter Bunny by wiggling my nose.

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    I would set a bowl of carrots and lettuce close to my garden to entice him.

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    I would catch him with some delicious food.

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    I would lure him with lettuce.

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    With carrots

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    I would catch the Easter Bunny with Carrots and lettuce!

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    Since the Easter bunny is magical I would lure him with jelly beans and glitter..lol

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    I would lure him with carrots and lettuce.

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    We have a colony of rabbits on our hospital grounds.They are very friendly so all you have to do is stay still and they come to us.

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    I would lure him with Lindt carrot chocolate on a bed of lettuce.

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    I’d make sure he was surrounded by his cousins, the dust bunnies….and leave trails of those mini carrots out…LOL that is certainly the most fun mandatory question I’ve ever had to answer

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    I would set out some carrots and wait until he comes by!

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    We would make a wonderful lunch for the bunny and sing to him

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    I would use carrots and a box with a stick holding it up. Might work, you never know.

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    I would catch the Easter Bunny with carrots.

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    I would lure the Easter bunny out with colorful jelly beans!

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    I would catch the Easter Bunny by having his girlfriend come over for lunch. They really make a beautiful couple.

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    I would catch the Easter bunny by leaving a trail of carrots and lettuce leading into a bunny hole filled with his friends, in our garden.

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    I think luring the Easter bunny with carrots and lettuce might do the trick!

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    I would put carrots in the dog cage and once he goes in I would close the door

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    I would catch the Easter bunny by putting out a trail of carrots that lead to a big empty basket that would then fall on the bunny. One Easter bunny captured.

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    I’d catch the Easter bunny with carrots as bait!

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    What a funny question. I asked my 5-year old how she would do it and she told me that she wouldn’t because if she caught him, then none of the other boys or girls would get their Easter treats. What a thoughtful kid. Love her to bits.

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    Hmmm, I would have to use bait and trap him somehow because there is no way I would be able to catch the that little bunny.

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    I would leave a trail of candy.

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    I would catch him by putting salt on his tail, if I put on enough salt, he would be weighed down and I would be able to grab him gently

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    I’d catch the Easter Bunny with a butterfly net!

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    I would catch him in a net suspended over a bunch of bright orange carrots and chocolate.

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