6 Ways My Life Has Changed Since I’ve Had Kids

I remember when I first moved out, not exactly on my own but away from my parents.  I was 26-years-old, 9 months pregnant and very much ready to be my own boss.

I had just started my maternity leave, with a little one on the way and my other half at work all day. I had the place all to myself!

Our first son was born and since then everything has changed. As much as we like to say and think that things will stay the same after children, it’s almost never the case. Here are 6 ways that my life has changed after I had kids:

I moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband into a (what we thought) huge two bedroom apartment.  Huge because when we first moved in together all we had was a bedroom suite and a futon (we used for a sofa) plus our clothes. Since then we have moved into an even smaller two bedroom apartment. Smaller because now that we have two boys and have lived together for going on 7 years we have accumulated far too much stuff.

We had no cable at first, so my days were spent watching old seasons of my favorite shows on DVD and when we finally did get it, I never had to fight for the remote. I watched what I wanted when I wanted.  Now our TV is either on Treehouse at all times and my shows need to be PVR’ed, if there’s enough room after Lucas records his shows instead of pressing the pause button during his bathroom breaks.

The house was always clean and now the house is never clean.

Supper was on the table at a decent time and now I am lucky if I can have supper ready before the boys have to go to bed.

Taking a bath was about relaxation and the time was mine to enjoy.  Even taking a shower now is like training for a marathon, trying to beat my time of getting clean from the previous day before someone starts to scream for me and I have to run out with shampoo in my hair still.

Date night wasn’t needed because a nice snuggle on the couch with some popcorn and a movie was enough.  Now I’m sorry but sometimes I just have to go somewhere that I know I’m not going to hear “MOM!!!”  the minute I start to relax, even if it’s a date by myself.

I know not every mother is as unorganized as I am and there are probably, in fact, some who have got it all together and do it all with ease.  However, I can probably guarantee you that about 90% of them are just very good actresses.

How has your life changed since you have had kids?