5 Books For Your Toddler & Pre-Schooler {Raincoast Twirl Launch}


Ever since Lucas was in the womb I have been collecting books and reading them to him.  In fact he has so many books that his bookshelf is nearly full, we wanted to save room for other items such as; puzzles and games, otherwise it would, without a doubt be completely filled up.  Now that he has a little brother he loves to share his books with him but he also knows that because of Colton’s age and the way that he handles the books, not all of them are age appropriate for him.

I found it extremely sweet, as I asked Lucas for his help on which books he would like me to review, that rather than picking out books which were a little more for his age range, he chose the board books from Chronicle Books’ new publishing line Twirl, all because he wanted Colton to be able to sit and look at them with him too.  The books and game that we received were: Presto Change-o!, The Ultmate Book Of Vehicles, JOJO’S FIRST WORD BOOK, My First Color Dominoes and A TREE for ALL SEASONS.

Presto Change-O! by Edouard Manceau
Animal hide-and seek, with a twist!
Can you find the owl pretending to be a clock?  The lion masquerading as a flower?  And the rabbit in a hot-air balloon?
Presto change-o!
You can work the magic with just a few simple turns – and a few rhyming verses – transforming everyday objects into animals!

We had a lot of fun with this book; I would stop reading just before the animal was revealed and we would think and make our guesses as to which animal was hiding behind each item.  This book teaches children that things may not always be what they seem and if you look at something long and hard enough, it can transform right before your eyes if you just use your imagination.
Join Jojo and Lulu as they explore the world around them, from mealtime to playtime to bedtime!  With more than 200 familiar objects to spot and name, this friendly and reassuring first word book is just right for toddlers acquiring early language skills.

I love that although Lucas can’t read just yet, this is still a book that he can sit, with his little brother, look at and be able to tell a story just by looking at the pictures.  Story time with Jojo and Lulu is perfect for practicing Colton’s new words and the one’s that Lucas has a problem with due to his speech impediment.

A TREE for ALL SEASONS by Maryse Guittet
Photo credit goes to my son Lucas who thought I should take a picture of this book outside.
This book is a fun interactive, lift-the-flap book that talks about the four seasons and a few of the changes and animals that go hand in hand with each one.
My First Color Dominoes by Edouard Manceau
This Domino game makes learning and using colors fun!
Children will love matching colors and familiar objects in this new twist on an old classic.
Who doesn’t love dominoes?  Now I have to admit, as sad as this is, as much as I loved to play the game, I never really understood how to play…  Which is probably why I always lost.  This dominoes game is very easy to teach and in my case learn as well and the book is great for my toddler to help him differentiate which colors go with which objects.  Although Colton didn’t really get the concept of the game, he just wanted to keep picking up the tiles and putting them in his pile, Lucas loved it and can’t wait to play again, without any interruptions from his brother.
The ULTIMATE Book of Vehicles by Anne-Sophie Baumann & Didier Balicevic
Flaps, pop-ups, pull-tabs and rotating wheels bring nearly one hundred vehicles to life.  From harvesters to street sweepers, ambulances to ferries, and rockets to rickshaws, children will delightin the detailed illustrations of transportation around the world.
Who knew there were so many different types of vehicles…  Not I, that’s for sure.  When we went through this book together, we learned a lot from what vehicles went with demolition, city maintenance, commercial transportation and so much more…  By lifting the flaps and pulling the tabs we were able to see what was inside the vehicles, with the rotating wheels we could see what they were used for and the pop-ups were our favorite especially the rocket launcher.
These books can be purchased from Kidsbooks.ca, Amazon.ca and/or Indigo.ca.  If your interested in connecting and staying up-to-date on any new publications from Raincoast Books or Chronicle Kids you can do so on their twitter accounts @RaincoastBooks and @ChronicleKids.

One lucky reader will win the comple set from the Twirl launch that I reviewed above.  Giveaway open to Canadian residents only (excluding Quebec) ends 05/04.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for review purposes.  However, as always  all views and opinions are my own