30 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

Am I the only person that didn’t know Random Acts Of Kindness day was on the 17th of February? Oh well, no worries for me because although I think it’s great that something so wonderful has its own day I feel like random acts of kindness should be done everyday!

With all of the disasters and heartbreak that go on in the world why not spread some joy for a family member, a friend or even a complete stranger. Not knowing what others are going through in their lives, you never know when something as simple as saying “Good Morning!” with a smile on your face will put a smile on someones.

I may not do a lot of others but I do what I can when I can. This year is kind of big for me, I have a lot of things that I not necessarily want to change but DO to better myself and one of them is to be doing more for others. Which is why I have come up with this list of random acts of kindness to help throw some cosmic karma my way.

Random acts of kindness – A person or people performing a selfless act that will help to benefit or cheer up another individual.

30 Random Acts of kindness

  1. Help someone across the street.
  2. Assist an individual having troubles getting on or off the bus.
  3. Let another person have your seat on a full bus.
  4. Give someone your taxi and wait for the next one.
  5. Do some yard work for a neighbor.
  6. Pay for the order behind you in a drive-thru or restaurant line.
  7. Cook up a casserole or a dessert and deliver it to someone who has just had a baby, has had someone close to them pass or just because you know they could use a little help.
  8. Donate your old clothes, toys and furniture to a charity.
  9. Go to the dollar store and pick up some bathroom essentials and drop them off at your local homeless shelter.
  10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  11. Hold the door open for someone.
  12. See someone struggling with something heavy; help them carry it.
  13. Spot a car parked on the side of the road, offer to help or call a tow truck.
  14. Say “Good Morning!” to a stranger.                                                                                                            good-morning-264509_640
  15. Give someone your place in line.
  16. Let a family member have the last piece of dessert.
  17. Clean up some trash on an outing at the park.
  18. Leave random positive messages on people’s windshields, in the bathrooms at venues and anywhere else that you can think of.
  19. Read to the children’s ward at your local hospital.
  20. Sign up for a “help forum” to help others with any problems or questions that they may have.
  21. Buy a bouquet of flowers and randomly hand them out to passersby.
  22. Make a gift for those you love and give it to them just because.
  23. Show up at a friend’s house who has kids without notice to give them an hour to do as they please by themselves.
  24. Buy a pack of blank cards, send them to family and friends telling why you appreciate having them be apart of your life.
  25. Send cute cat or dog memes with funny positive messages to random numbers.
  26. Treat someone to a relaxing spa day.                                                                                                                                            wellness-589770_1280
  27. Know someone struggling financially help them out with a bill or a bag of groceries.
  28. Leave an inspirational book like Chicken Soup For The Soul in a restroom, at a restaurant table or in a waiting area at a doctor’s office, you never know what a few stories might do to inspire a change or a positive energy in someone’s life.
  29. Are you an expert at DSLR photography, card making or baking? Talk to your local community center or school about volunteering your time to teach a FREE class.
  30. Early meeting? Buy coffee and donuts for all of your co-workers.

These are just a few simple tasks that can light up someone’s life even in their darkest hour. What random acts of kindness have your achieved lately?