10 Summer Survival Tips Every Parent Needs

The countdown is on – there’s only a little time left until Summer break starts and our stress levels start to increase. The time where we hear “I’m bored!” all day rather than just half the day and the house is never clean, not that mine ever is now anyways but I know that there will be even more chances for me to break a leg on a toy once both kids are home.

In order to prevent temper tantrums, pure insanity and broken bones – yes, parents I mean you, not the kids – I’ve brainstormed a few ways to help all of us parents survive summer.

Get rid of some junk.

Life is bound to be stressful enough for those two (long) months, why create even more havoc with clutter and junk that is no longer needed?!  Set up a yard/garage sale within the first few weeks of the summer break and let the kids set up a bake sale and/or lemonade stand to fill their piggy banks too.

Live in an apartment or don’t have a yard? You could try to sell your items on Kijiji or look on Facebook for a buy and sell group local to you. If you decide to go this route just be leery of who you’re selling to and always meet in a busy place.

Always be prepared for a rainy day.

A couple days before the end of the school year create a rainy day bin – fill it with craft supplies, colouring books & colouring supplies, board games, a deck of cards, movies, reading books, etc. Anything that will keep kids busy and away from the television for long periods of time.

Make sure your medicine cabinet is fully stocked.

This time of year can be especially hard on the skin and the body – all that running around and playing in the sun is a great source of Vitamin D but it can also mean sunburns and more bumps & bruises. Always have bandaids, rubbing alcohol, bug spray, something for itchiness and sunscreen on hand.

Create your own Entertainment Savings Book.

Clip and print any and all coupons that you find that can be for ‘out of the house’ fun, you never know when you just might need one.  You can use one of those little wallet photo books or a recipe card folder to keep them all organized.

Stock up on food.

Nothing extravagant, just some extra burgers or wieners as well as the buns, chips, fruits, veggies, juice boxes, etc…for those unexpected guests your kids may invite over with minimal notice.

Stay cool.

There will be days that you and the kids will be dying to go outside and play but it will be way too hot to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned living room.  Make sure you have some toys to help keep you cool.  Ex: pool, sprinkler, water balloons, water guns, even a bucket to soak your feet in…SOMETHING!

Clean Towels.

Remember those kids who came by unexpected? Chances are it will be on one of those days where they’ll need to stay cool – you don’t want to send them home soaking wet, do you?!


Need I say more…

Do not give up the scheduled bedtime.

No, not for you, even though I’m sure you’ll want nothing more than to go to sleep when the day is over but this one’s for the kids.  Just because there’s no school does not mean they should stay up as long as they want to, that’s what their teenage years are for.  You need ‘you time’ and this is the best way to unwind after a long day, plus you may want them in bed before you crack open the next survival tip.


Lots of it!  Long busy days, tired, sometimes cranky kids, mommy and/or daddy…No other explanation needed! Just…WINE!

What is your number 1 Summer survival tip?


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    I find that patience works the best

    1. Reply

      Oh my goodness… I can’t believe I forgot that one! It’s the most important! LOL!!!

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    This is brilliant! I love the rainy day bin – what a great idea. I also need a bin of those essentials – I’m always digging around looking for Afterbite, or forgetting sunblock.

    1. Reply

      Haha me too… I notice that you can never find something when you need it! With the bins or bags whichever you use they are very easy accessible!

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    I don’t have school aged kids yet, but we had a calendar as kids. We planned one outing every week — it gave us something to look forward to!

    1. Reply

      Great tip! I may have to add that to my list but maybe make it like a reward chart, one sticker for everyday that we can get through without me ripping my hair out 🙂

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    Totally a must on the extra food! You never know when a party is just going to spring up out of nowhere! We’ve been caught scrambling more than once!

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      Happened to me just the other day. I am determined to not let it happen during the break!

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    These are great tips! 🙂

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    My daughter is only one, so I’m home with her every day. A lot of this stuff would come in handy for me year round. I definitely need a rainy day bin.

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      I have a 21 month old who I am also home with daily but with my big one too, it’s extra stress lol at least my youngest naps still.

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    I agree with this list- especially the wine! Great post!

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    I love list where I can’t figure out which one my favorite is. Love your humor as well. Clean towels and wine. Can your list get any better? I think not. Enjoyed my visit!

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      LOL thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll do it again soon.

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    Love this! My first thought was a padded room for mommy, but i think #10 eliminates that necessity. 😉

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      Haha… that is something I should think about making when I get my house!

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    You always put together the greatest lists! My daughter is no longer at this stage, but you know, she and I might have to partake in tip #10… and then I might have to take her on a trip down memory lane! 😉

    1. Reply

      Thank you! When me and my mom share #10 together, I usually end up telling her all the things she didn’t know that I did when I was younger :/


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    #11 is have themommymix around to remind you of the other 10. =) Great list! In the moment, I can barely think beyond “let’s talk” or you want to cook with me? or do you feel like watching a show? or how about a board game? I’m as boring as they come. That’s the legacy of an only child. =) Blessings~

    1. Reply

      I’m the same way! Right now I can think of all these ideas, come the time that I have to, we will see…

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    Great tips – I need all of the help I can get 😉

    1. Reply

      Don’t we all? Us Moms have to stick together!

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    Great tips. I am guilty of not having a scheduled bed time for my son when school is out. I usually let him just go until he is ready to go to bed. He is really good at putting himself to sleep.

    1. Reply

      If my son had it his way he would stay up all night, I have no choice but to set a bed time… It is an hour later than his usual school bedtime though, which makes him happy 🙂

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    #6 and #8 were critical when my kids were young. and of course #10 has been critical through all my parenting years 😉

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      I don’t think #10 will ever stop being critical!

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    You had me at rainy day bin and clinched it with wine!! Great ideas to make the summer more fun and less stress!!!

    1. Reply

      Definitely the two most important ones at the beginning and the end.

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    Our number one survival tip is a “summer bucket list” taped to the fridge. When we are bored we look at that and get some plans happening. Thanks for your tips and have a great summer!

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      That’s a great idea too! I know my son always loves it when he is part of the decision making. I hope your Summer is wonderful and stress free!!!

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    I am thankful that mine are now all adults and they have to plan for their own children. Needless to say I sometimes help out, like this evening when my son takes my granddaughter to soccer practice and my daughter-in-law is working nights so I’ll be taking my grandson to his baseball game.

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    These are some great tips!! Especially the last two! 😉

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    stocking the pantry is such a great lifesaver!

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    And on Weds I get to take my grandson to a BBQ for baseball, yippee! I loved how wine is necessary to survive the summer break, I had a good laugh at that. Our break was only 6 weeks in the summer but with 7 of them no one ever got bored really, there was always someone to play with. I’m pretty laid back and that helps a lot. Others were going demented having the kids home all day, me I loved it, call me crazy 🙂

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